The Ashmolean Collection

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Matthew and Gary have worked with the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to create this special bouquet to celebrate the William Blake Collection.

Matthew and Gary are both inspired by art, and enjoy the challenge of interpreting a painting into floral design. They have created this beautifully soft-toned bouquet to reflect the Ashmolean's watercolour, The Baptism of Christ.

It is always an honour to work with the Ashmolean, Fabulous Flowers are very proud to be the only florist in Oxford to work with them on such projects.

The exhibition will focus on the extraordinary life and work of William Blake (1757–1827), printmaker, painter and revolutionary poet of the prophetic books. It will examine his formation as an artist, including his apprenticeship as an engraver, and his maturity during the 1790s when he was at the height of his powers as both an artist and revolutionary poet. The exhibition will also explore his influence on the young artist-printmakers who gathered around him in the last years of his life, including Samuel Palmer, George Richmond and Edward Calvert. The exhibition opens on the 4th December.

The William Blake Bouquet is available now to order from our website.

The Ashmolean Collection



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