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Wedding Showcase at The Ashmolean Museum

 We recently had the honour of participating in a breathtaking wedding showcase at the historic Ashmolean Museum. Nestled amongst ancient Greek and Roman statues, we crafted exquisite floral tablescapes that enchanted all who attended. Collaborating with Oxford Fine Dining and Lucca Studios, our inspired tables stood as a testament to creativity and timeless elegance.

The Ashmolean Museum provided a stunning backdrop, its halls adorned with centuries-old artefacts and sculptures. Our aim was to seamlessly blend the essence of ancient artistry with the vibrancy of floral arrangements, setting the stage for a wedding showcase that would leave a lasting impression.

Our Mediterranean table, inspired by the museum's rich collection of Greek and Roman statues, was a visual symphony. The floral arrangements evoked the colours and textures of the Mediterranean landscape, featuring olives, lavender, lemons. It was a celebration of nature's bounty, reminiscent of celebrations in Tuscany and the Greek isles.

Collaborating with some of our favourite partners, Oxford Fine Dining elevated the experience. Their culinary expertise and Flair for tableware perfectly complemented our floral designs, creating a sensory journey for guests. Lucca Studios added their magic to the mix, crafting stationery that echoed the grace and sophistication of our table designs, tying together the entire aesthetic of the table.

As guests wandered through the museum, they were met not just by history, but by an immersive experience marrying tradition with contemporary flair. The juxtaposition of ancient sculptures and our fresh, vibrant florals created an atmosphere that was both striking and harmonious.

The showcase wasn't just about displaying our creations; it was a celebration of collaboration and artistry. It showcased how different mediums—floral design, culinary art, music , lighting and stationery—can harmonize to create an unforgettable wedding experience.

 We believe in transcending boundaries and redefining the conventional. Our collaboration at the Ashmolean Museum was a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, weaving together history, art, and nature in a tapestry of beauty.

These Photographs were taken by the amazing V and H photography

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Venue: The Ashmolean Museum

Photography: V & H Photography

Catering and Table Setting: Oxford Fine Dining

Stationary: Lucca Studios

Wedding Showcase at The Ashmolean Museum